11 Best Places to Retire in Oregon


So, you are looking forward to the day you say goodbye to your work for the very last time? Well, some might argue that there is not a lot of things to look forward to about retirement, but I assure you that there are also those who would argue the other way. It is basically a matter of opinion, but regardless what your opinion may be on the matter, retirement is something that we must take into consideration at some point in life. The sooner we start planning about retirement, the better. Retirement is just another phase of our lives, and perhaps the most prominent change it brings is being out of a job. If you do not plan way ahead of your actual retirement, then you could get into some trouble, assuming of course, you are just an Average earner, and not a millionaire. If you ask any person from Oregon, he/she should vouch for the quality of life Oregon offers. It is an ideal location for anyone who has just retired to start a new life, and live their golden years over there.

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