Now, politics is a rather sensitive subject, but it is something that affects us all. Specially the politics happening within countries where we live. Also, politics in countries that are leading the world can affect us as well. Take the United States for example. I think you live in the United States, so the US political environment will definitely affect you directly. However, someone living in a country where trade with the United States is a major source of income can be affected as well. Given the current political situation in the United States, someone in China can easily be affected by the decisions made by US political leaders. Now that said, catching up with all the political news and happenings is not very easy to do if you have to manage a busy schedule. That is something pretty much everyone of us must to, because of life. So, if you are thinking about doing some catching up with politics, then the documentaries that made our list today can certainly help you. I am not saying that our today’s list is going to be a one stop solution for you but if you follow it, then you will definitely not regret it.

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