11 Best Selling Magazines in the United States


If you have been around during the eighties, then you probably have been a subscriber of one of the few magazines. Before the era of the internet and ubiquitous connectivity, magazines have been our window to the world. There were so many magazines to choose from back in the day, you could find magazines on any given topic, history, culture, movies, general news, electronics and even magazines filled with video gaming information. Yes, I am a gamer and had been during the eighties as well, today we just look up stuff on the internet if we get stuck on a game or we cannot seem to find a secret item, but back in the day, there was no such thing. Subscribing to a magazine creates loyalty, that is just a thing of the past now a days, you can look up any information that you need to know instantly, back in the day, and we had to wait for the actual magazine to show up, sometimes for a whole month.

Today magazines are dying out many magazines that have been a craze back in the day have already shut down their business or have gone online exclusive. However, there are few magazines that are still in business with their paperback copies. Though by any stretch of imagination their businesses are growing, but for the time being they are the 11 Best Selling Magazines in the United States. To read more about this interesting topic, just click on the provided link to access the full article.