11 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015


In the vast animal kingdom, just one single species of animal kill for joy, and no other purpose. And that species is us humans. Thankfully, only a handful of humans actually graduate to killing other humans, where most satisfy their blood lust by killing lesser animals. After all, humans are the apex predator of this planet. And it is only natural that some of us will go rogue. Yes, I am talking about the serial killers. Learning about these serial killers is something that everyone should do, in order to be prepared and in order to recognize the tale tell signs of criminal. Research indicates that most serial killers possess above average intelligence, and it is crucial that we learn about these monsters so that we can defend against them. I am not implying that everyone should become paranoid over this, but everyone should take their time to watch a few documentaries on Netflix that handles this topic. Yes, we have done a series of articles highlighting best of the best documentaries available on Netflix on various subjects. If you are interested in other subjects, then you can easily find these article on insider monkey’s blog page.

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