11 Best Small Service Dog Breeds For Therapy Work


Dogs have been with us ever since the dawn of mankind. I mean, dogs were the earliest species of animal that the we befriended. Well, to be honest dogs did not exist back then, dog is an entire species that we basically created from wolves. We controlled the breeding process of dogs to enforce the traits that we deemed essential, and also avoid the traits that would cause us problems. And voila, we created a new species, the dogs. It is only natural that dogs are so fond of us. They like to be with us, spend time with us and even help us if trained to do so. Service dogs are exactly that, a helping hand to a person who has some sort of disability. Service dogs are assigned to people with all sorts of disabilities, mental and also physical. Not only these dogs help the affected individual perform better, but also offer emotional support which is extremely important when someone is going through a difficult time. As you can see from the title, we will talk about a few small service dog breeds in our topic today. If you know someone, or if you yourself is seeking a service dog, and you would rather have something small than I highly recommend that you take a look at our today’s article.

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