11 Best Travel Documentaries Streaming on Netflix


When it comes to documentaries, Netflix has quite a lot of them to offer to its subscribers. On an average, Netflix documentaries tend to score much higher than the competition, regardless of the given topic. And travelling is no exception as well. If you like travelling, or rather like watching documentaries on this subject, it is safe to assume that you have already come across a few Netflix productions. Today, we will take a look at the travelling documentaries that have won the hearts and minds of a huge number of travelling documentary fans and critics alike. Basically today we will be taking a look at the best travelling documentaries streaming on Netflix as of now. These documentaries alone warrant a subscription to Netflix, if you are not subscribed already. As you know, I am unable to go into further details in this short intro article, instead I am here to kindle your interest in the topic, and then point you in the right direction, where you will be able to read a lot more about the given subject. Without further ado, allow me to point you in the right direction.

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