For those who are planning to study biology, we’ve something very useful to share today. There’s an article on Insider Monkey which has a list of eleven best universities in the world to study biology that is going to help you in choosing the best university for your study. So, let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s article to find out about these universities.

Biology is often defined as the study and characterization of living organisms and the investigation of the science behind living things. If you are interested in biology sciences, we will help you find the best universities in the world for biology.

Modern biology is composed of many branches and subdisciplines. Some of the areas in which you can specialize biological sciences are: anatomy, biophysics, forensic biology, computational biology, ecology and evolution, environmental biology, genetics, marine biology, microbiology, cell biology, and molecular biology and bio-sciences, natural science, animal behavior, botany, conservation, ecology and the environment, neurobiology, physiology, zoology and many others. To read more, please visit 11 Best Universities In The World For Biology.