Virtual reality is not something new. There were several technologies before VR boxes and google cardboard that tried to utilize the virtual reality principles. However, I am sure you already know that none of those techs made any significant impact in the world of media consumption. Some of them even failed so bad that people still make fun of them. Take the Nintendo VirtuaBoy for example. This was a video game console that was suppose to give you a total VR experience and immersion. Unfortunately it ended up giving the gamer a nasty headache and nausea. But, the modern VR technology is way better than that. Especially the VR headsets from reputed tech companies like SONY and HTC. In the smartphone world, VR has also made its mark. The most significant advantage the smartphone VR technology has over their computer/gaming console counterparts is that they cost way less. This is also the reason people are leaning towards smartphone VR technology. If you own a VR then our today’s list is going to be extremely helpful to you. As you can learn a lot about the best VR games for your iPhone. You easily experience VR for merely a fraction of the cost.

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