11 Best Waterproof Android Smartphones


All over the world, smartphones are a common sight. Everyone, everywhere is carrying their precious smartphones with them. At work, at amusement parks at parties, we do not discriminate, we always tend to carry our phones with us. Because the mobile devices are for carrying around. Today’s smartphones, however, are not built like the old generation of phones, which by design were built to endure rough handling. It might sound hilarious now, but I can recall a few models which could be used as a blunt weapon, when in a pinch. But now, something major than a slight tap can damage the smartphones, they are built with great care and precision but, with large screens and a thin body designers do not have much room to go about the physical endurance of the phones.

Imagine a scenario where you missed the bus, but you had to get there in time, or your hiking in the woods and it starts to drizzle, now if you manage to get your phone wet, it will likely malfunction or even stop working all together. Durability is no longer a common feature on phones. But nowadays there are some companies trying to reintroduce the factor of durability to their designs. Some phones in this family may amaze you with  spectacular specs or appealing aesthetics, but you will be better off with one of these than anything else when you go hiking or to the beach.

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