The advent of video games has totally revolutionized personal entertainment. I am not saying that they have totally made other forms of personal entertainment, such as movies and TV obsolete, but they certainly have created a massive fan base over the years. Just like the movies, video games can be categorized into genres and sub-genres, and without a doubt video games featuring zombies is one of the top most favorite sub-genres of video games today. If you look at the industry leaders, you can most certainly see that almost every leading company has a few zombie related video game titles in their portfolio. This sudden spike in popularity of this sub-genre can be contributed to the prepping phenomenon that is currently going on. Now that said, if you own a gaming PC or any of the leading video game consoles like the Xbox one or Play Station IV, then I highly recommend that you consult our list of top zombie video games before purchasing your next game. I am certain that you are going to get more value out of your money if you do that. Without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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