11 Biggest eCommerce Websites in the World


The term e-commerce or electronic commerce means trading in goods and or services through computer networks, such as the internet. Electronic commerce is based on technologies such as electronic fund transfer, internet marketing, online transaction processing, etc. To put things into perspective, in today’s modern world of connectivity and information technology, everyone is within the reach of electronic commerce. So it has become a growing concern for firms that use to operate in a traditional way to  make a presence online and adapt to eCommerce. eCommerce websites enable marketers to target the potential customers with utmost efficiency and accuracy. It can also be argued that eCommerce websites influence impulse purchases because of their convenience.
In contrast to traditional business approaches, setting up and running an eCommerce site is much more cost effective and convenient. Maintaining an eCommerce website only requires a fraction of the cost of starting a new physical store. From an entrepreneurial perspective, having an eCommerce site instead of a physical business outlet, allows for more competitive pricing on the products. Though physical out let and a eCommerce site does not always have to be mutually exclusive, having both options available is also quite beneficial for a business.

If you are a businessperson looking to set up an eCommerce website or are learning about eCommerce sites just for your own knowledge you have come to the right place. The following link to insider-monkey’s blog post is about the 11 Biggest eCommerce Websites in the World,  will certainly help you in many ways.