11 Biggest Facebook Advertisers in 2015


Social networking service or SNS is the most popular medium for building social relationships among like minded individuals. We also stay connected to loved ones and family via social networking sites as well. This means social networking has become an intimate part of our daily life. Some researchers have said that it’s also an addiction, which can affect how we interact in real life as well. But we are not here to discuss social networking itself, rather the endless possibilities it entails to the modern marketers. The basic concept of social networking allows for specific segments of like minded people. For example, we can look at Facebook groups, it is safe to assume that in a Facebook group, most members share the same interests which relate to the group’s purpose. For an opportunistic marketer this can prove to be a gold mine, he/she just have to locate the most relevant group to advertise to.

Social media marketing has become a global phenomenon, everything from a pen to an ultramodern sports car is being marketed through this medium. Also the advent of handheld computers, namely the smartphones, reaching people at the most convenient of times is far easier now than ever.

There are so many Facebook pages that, there’s one for almost every niche imaginable.If proper marketing technique and persuasion is applied, anything marketed to the relevant Facebook page will sell in huge volume. Please follow the link to 11 Biggest Facebook Advertisers in 2015 to know more about social media marketing and its prospects.