11 Biggest Fault Lines in the World


When Mother Nature unleashes its fury upon mankind, nothing can stop it. So far we could only do is make a forecast about when and where the wrath of Mother Nature will erupt, and evacuate the spot. We are practically defenseless against natural calamities as of yet, and we can only make forecasts of certain natural calamities, but not all of them. And the most devastating of all natural calamities known to humanity is an earthquake, and sadly we are not yet able to forecast its exact time and location. Many nations have been devastated by sudden earthquakes in the past and many will be in the future. Because of the way we build our cities, the earthquake can do the most damage there. A big enough earthquake can level a city in a matter of seconds, resulting in billions of dollars in property damage and countless lives. The only precaution we can take against this kind of natural calamity is to learn about it, and become aware of measures we can take in order to minimize the losses. Without getting deep into geology, all I can say is that, we should learn about the fault lines spread across the earth. Fault lines are places where an earthquake will likely be generated.

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