Financial scams and scandals is not that uncommon, they pretty much take place on a regular basis. But there are some incidents that just stand out from the rest begs for attention. Today we will be talking about such financial scandals that are just way too out there. The desire to become rich and within a very short time is not unheard of. People try out everything they can in order to achieve that, but when the “everything” involves some law breaking and unfair means only then it becomes news. A genius mind couple with a lack of moral compass can be a serious combination. Because scamming money off of people is no easy task, no one out there would like to part from their hard earned money just like that. But it is no secret that people in certain positions command a degree of trust and also people in a position to utilize the greed of others can easily persuade others easily. So, when someone with all kinds of wrong intention, gets to the right position, disaster can strike. The history is witness to that, and god forbid, but things like this will not spot from happening from time to time.

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