11 Biggest Five Star Hotels in India


When it comes to tourism in Asia, India as a tourist spot stands out. Yes, there are several other countries in the continent that are pretty well suited as an exotic holiday destination, but the appeal that India has, is hardly matched by any other country. The tradition rich culture, the great historical significance, the huge diversity among its people, the spirituality and mysticism of the land itself, and last but not least the fact that it is the world’s largest democratic country makes India one of the prime holiday destinations among the westerners. As it is no secret that countries of the western hemisphere enjoy a better economy, thus we can easily conclude that people are rather accustomed to a certain degree of comfort of that region. And India, as a tourist spot has most certainly taken this fact into account. There are some outrageously luxurious hotels and resorts in India that cater to the whim of the rich and famous. So, if you have been holding back from making India your holiday destination, then by all means do not do so on this account.

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