11 Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics


Are you ready to admit? What’s the first name that popped to your mind when you read the title? Let’s take a look if he/she is on Insider Monkey’s list 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics, shall we?

All politicians are hypocrites” — this is usually what people say when they wish to justify the fact they’re not voting or paying attention to who’s ruling their country. Or it doesn’t have to be the whole country, but just a town or the neighborhood. Local elections — that’s where it all starts, and if you turn your head away from such events, you don’t get the right to complain. You can only complain about what or who you have chosen. But with so many shining examples of hypocrisy out there, how can you trust the system anyway? Hmm, if that is true, how many hypocrites and specific situations can you name to prove they’re lying to you and the whole nation? Let go of the most prominent political personality for now and think harder. Can you name some examples of hypocrisy in today’s society and politics and stand firmly behind your words with concrete evidence? Didn’t think so. That’s the reason Insider Monkey is giving you on the spot, real facts of the US politicians’ hypocrisy.

Somewhat (un)surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of data on the web dealing with this issue, though we all know the examples are far from scarce. This list shows you examples of people who have changed their opinion dramatically. Basically, their actions don’t match their words. Be it the law about abortion or decision to attack a foreign country, you’ll see how things quickly change when it’s their personal life in question, or they come to power.

So, let’s see if your “favorite” politician made it into the list of 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics.