11 Biggest Illegal International Arms Dealers of All Time



My oh my, aren’t you going to be surprised when you read 11 biggest illegal international arms dealers of all time.

If you would ask any of them about illegal gun trafficking, they would most certainly say “it wasn’t me”. At least those who are alive at the moment. For some of them the address is very well known (the prison cell), while others are splashing around in their wealth. As you can see, the profiles of the biggest international arms dealers are very versatile. On the one hand there’s a man wearing diamond shoes, and on the other one was killed somewhere in the middle of the desert.

Either way, what they all agree on is that arms trafficking is one lucrative business. Illicit gun trafficking value is $1 billion per year. However, these are small arms and light weapons. Some of the arms dealers we have chosen have trafficked missiles as well, so their profits must’ve been much higher. Not to mention aircraft, tanks, and other vehicles. Unfortunately, finding the illegal international arms dealer salary is a difficult task since they don’t really display their information to the IRS if you know what we mean. Also, buyers needn’t pay cash. Diamonds are more than welcome means of payment which doesn’t show on the bank account, and their size is conveniently small. As you can see, this kind of job offers you lots of options to consider.
The men from  11 biggest illegal international arms dealers of all time make one interesting bunch. Go ahead and find out about their business ventures and prison time.