11 Biggest Political Scandals of All Time


How politically active are you? Well, an average citizen would pause for a moment and then answer with a resounding “not that much actually”. And it is to be expected, because an average citizen who works 9 to 5 six days a week has hardly enough time off the job for him/herself and the family, let alone politics and other matters. But politics is in fact a very important part of our lives. As long as democracy lives, so it shall be. I am not here to campaign for any particular party or political creed, but I am merely saying that it is healthy to delve into politics from time to time, and keeping up to date with the latest political events, not just the big and bright ones, but also the sinister side of it as well. Yes, through politics a person can gain a significant amount of power and influence. And as the saying goes, absolute power corrupts, there are a lot of incidences of corrupt politicians and their scandalous conducts. If anything, these topics make for hell of an article aimed for endless infotainment.

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