11 Biggest Rainforests in The World


Have you ever wondered which the 11 biggest rainforests in the world are? If you did, we can tell you about them today, as Insider Monkey has an article ready which has a list of eleven biggest rainforests in the world that we are going to share with you. Let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s list to find out about these rainforests.

Over the past years, many actions have been taken in order to protect these regions from problems like deforestation, degradation and fragmentation, as they are home to the most vital habitats. In fact, most of the items on the list we’ve created are under the protection of entities like UNESCO, which has developed a project called “World Heritage”, which main objective is to preserve the listed places that are invaluable to our heritage.

Rainforests are characterized by high amounts of precipitations, but not all of them are necessarily tropical. To read more, please visit 11 Biggest Rainforests in The World.