11 Biggest Rainforests in The World


We the city dwellers live a quite far from nature. Even though we want to run back and catchup with Mother Nature, our busy lives hardly allow for such golden opportunities. We merely take satisfaction in knowing that somewhere out there, miles upon miles of forests exist, still untouched by humans. These safe heaves our world in keep with the balance of nature. These forests also mitigates the harm we cause to our planet, and provides us with oxygen. But from the looks of it, if some drastic steps are not taken soon enough, we will really end up destroying the remaining forests on our planet. For the past few decades, environmentalists have been trying desperately to preserve these ancient forests and the wild life they harbor. But deforestation and poaching is a real threat, and fueled by human greed, these forces will someday consume the last remnants of nature someday. Today, we have decided to do our part by doing a piece on the world’s largest rainforests. Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with annual rainfall between 250 and 450 centimeters. An amazing world filled with unspoiled beauty of nature. Please, if you can, do everything you can to help preserve these forests.

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