11 Biggest Telecom Companies in the World


Telecommunication companies around the world are the embodiments of information technology. They provide a lot of services ranging from simple text messaging to even video conferencing. The introduction of cellular phone or cell phone technology revolutionized how the telecommunication companies operated. From cell phone to smartphone the mobile telephone device has made a drastic leap so has the telecommunication industry. As the technology became available the mobile phones became smarter and smarter also the telecommunication companies kept introducing advanced new features for their users. The prevalent telecommunication technology today is generation 3 or 3G as we refer to it, but already generation 4 or 4G is operational and being implemented at some parts of the world.

To capitalize on such a promising business prospect every telecommunications company around the world are locked in a fierce battle for market supremacy, and because of that thankfully the end user can now use this wonderful technology at a very economical rate. Around the world, there are billions of subscribers of telecommunication companies. Though the rates are cheap but the sheer volume of users makes the revenues go off the charts. Even in this fiercely competitive market, some companies have managed to establish dominance over all the others.

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