A few days back we did a similar article on Mr. Warren Buffett and focused on the books that he would want his admirers to read. In this article we will be focusing on book recommendations of Mr. Bill Gates. Mr. Gates too has been in the list of world’s richest people many times. But, unlike Mr. Buffett, he did not make his fortune through investment, rather he is a tech genius who revolutionized the world of computers with the world’s most solid operating system the Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft Windows is the first operating system to popularize graphical interface to the user, which in turn made computer accessible to the larger portion of the population of the world. Even to this day, windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Yes, it is true that not everyone is cut out to become the next Bill Gates, but if we do listen to the most successful people of the world today, we can definitely improve our outlook towards the world. Whit this in mind, our researchers went through all the relevant data to find out the book recommendations made by Mr. Gates in multiple occasions.

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