11 Celebrities Who Should Run for President


It is not uncommon for celebrities to turn into politicians. Just take a look at Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and both his illustrious entertainment and political careers. As Barak Obamas term nears its end, many politicians have already announced their intentions to run for the president, and many celebrities have done so as well. For example, we can look at Donald Trump, the former reality TV show host and also a real estate mogul. But let us put that aside for now, today we will be discussing about the celebrities who we think would perfectly fit the role of the president, and who also have a large enough fan base who would think of them likewise as well. There is no doubt about it that, Hollywood celebrities are some of the most influential people on Earth. And many of them most certainly have the qualifications to actually becoming the president. But the question is, would they want to become the president of the United States of America if given the chance? Well, the best we can say for now is that we do not have an answer to that question as of yet. But we are free to speculate, and which we did.

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