11 Cities with The Fewest Doctors Per Capita in America


We do not really appreciate the doctors, unless we need their help. Yes, we all know that doctors are extremely important for the general well being of the society, but until we fall sick, we cannot appreciate their help in full effect. Today, we are going talk about some cities that have very few doctors compared to other major US cities. In other words, if a serious health crisis were to arise in these cities, the population of the cities mentioned in the list is going to suffer the most. Already statistics show that the United States is going to face a major doctor shortage, and if we talk numbers, then by 2025 the shortage is expected to reach about 90,000. Which is not a good sigh at all. Just try to imagine what will happen to the cities where doctors are already heavily outnumbered by potential patients. If you proceed to the main article, then you will be able to learn exactly for how many people there is one doctor in the cities in question. And I assure you, you are going to find the number rather alarming.

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