11 Common English Mistakes Made By Native Speakers


Native English speakers take the language for granted. Well, which is true for every language I guess, but our focus today will only be on the silly mistakes that native English speakers most often make during conversations or in a written dialogue. One can definitely argue that these mistakes have negligible impact on the meaning of things, but consider this, when you are in conversation with someone who is not a native English speaker, then confusion could arise. And regardless how insignificant, a mistake is, it is always better to correct it. By now, you are probably wondering about what these mistakes are. You can rest assured that soon enough we will reveal them to you, and if you did in the past make these mistakes, after you go through the entire article, I am sure you will be able to learn about it and then correct it. As I said before, these mistakes are nothing diabolical, just tiny errors in pronunciation and spelling. If you are a native English speaker, then you definitely have quite a lot to be proud of your mother tongue, it is the international language after all. Therefore, I think you are in a way also responsible for preserving its integrity.

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