11 Common Ethnic Stereotypes That Are Actually True


Ethnic stereotyping is a very common thing. And perhaps it has been, ever since the interaction first two different ethnic groups in prehistory. However, needless to say, most of these stereotypes are false. But, we do like to believe them none the less. The good news is, most of us react well to such stereotypes, and take it lightly as a joke of sorts. But, there are a few, who definitely will take an offense from them and react aggressively. Therefore, it is better to avoid them as much as possible. These stereotypes can range anything from plausible to absolutely absurd. But, some of them are actually true. As you tell by looking at the article’s name, we have done extensive research in search of such stereotypes and have been able to isolate the truth from the false. How did we manage to do it you ask? Well, as always we looked at the numbers, of course the stereotypes do not apply to the entirety of that particular ethnic group, there are exceptions. But, a considerable percentage of the ethnic group does fit the description. Thus making the said stereotype true. You will definitely love the article, if you like infotainment.

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