11 Countries That Produce The Most Genetically Modified Crops


Genetic modification is basically the direct manipulation of an organism’s genome using biotechnology. It has a wide array of applications, both commercial and military. But today we will only be focusing on its one such application that pretty much affect every human being alive. Genetic modifications have been successfully used on many vegetables and crops for a long time. What genetic modification does, is that it induces radical changes to the subject organism to have a desired effect. For example, we can take corn. Corn plants have been genetically modified to resist pest infestation and also through genetic modification the yield of corn per hectare of land has been increased drastically. There are countless examples of such genetically modified food. As you would probably understand, that it is rather essential at this point to genetically modified food and increase the yield as much as possible, the world population is growing every second but cultivable land is not. Apart from the developed countries, hunger is a real problem for the rest of the world. And in some countries, famine is a grim constant. Given the situation, though some might argue otherwise and say that genetically modified foods have an adverse effect on health (disputed), we have no option but to rely on genetically modified foods.

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