11 Countries That Won the Most Nobel Prizes


Everybody knows what a Noble prize is, and that is what makes receiving this award such a great achievement. To actually win the Noble prize, a person or an organization must have to contribute extensively and remarkable in the fields of Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology, Medicine and a few others. Also the nomination and selection system of the Noble prize is quite complex, and that is understandable, because the committee overseeing the Noble prize does not wish to get involved in any blunders. Noble prize is considered to be the highest honor and global recognition, and this brings fame and glory ,not only to the recipient, but also to the country he/she or the organization belongs to. The Noble prize has been given out since the year 1901 and so far there have been more than 900 recipients of this highly prestigious award. And we have decided to make a list of countries that are home to the most number of Noble prize laureates. In essence, it can be inferred that the countries we are going to talk about in our list today, have been responsible for a great number of innovations and concepts that eventually changed the world.

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