11 Countries with Free College For International Students


As you can guess from the title, this article is going to really help you out, if you are planning to move to a new country, but had not decided on a certain location. And please also note, that we are talking about education in English obviously. Education in the United States is really very expensive these days. Even if you manage to get yourself admitted in a good college, but coming up with the required tuition fee is a whole different ordeal. That being said, there are many countries out there, that offer similar educational standards and because of heavy government subsidies, these countries can also maintain a relatively low tuition fee for the students. But there is also a very important factor at play here, imagine you found a college that will let you study for free in a country where cost of living is extremely high, take the Scandinavian countries for example. Then you have to do the math and come up with a serviceable solution for yourself. The situation for every single student is rather different, and there is no universal solution to free education. It is up to you to make the call.

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