Today we will be talking about a rather interesting topic, which is to do with a country’s average elevation in relation to the sea level. To the naked eye, no apparent difference other than the difference in terrain and weather is visible between a low average elevation country and a country with high average elevation. However, I can assure you that there are other significant differences between these countries, such as the difference in quantity of oxygen in the air, the difference in air pressure. The lack of oxygen in air in countries with high average elevation means that you have to work harder in order to get the necessary oxygen in your system, and a drop in air pressure means that boiling point of water is no longer a hundred degrees Celsius but lesser, that could easily mess up your favorite recipe’s timing. But to experience such extreme differences you really would have to live in some of the countries with the highest average elevation on the planet. But a more practical reason for moving to a country with a high average elevation level would be to keep the sea away from your feet. Global warming is posing serious threat to the ice caps in the poles, if they were to melt, the sea level would rise. And when that happens, you do not want to live near the sea.

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