It is nice at times to visit some of the tropical countries, where the weather is always comfortably warm and the days are sunny. But there are places in the world, where the temperature can get very high. So high, that you would get a heatstroke just by being out in the sun for a few minutes. That is because, our genetic makeup does not allow for us to sustain extreme temperatures. But yet, in you can definitely find some people living in such harsh conditions. Today we will be talking about some countries with really very high average temperature. Well, you can probably which type of countries will occupy this list, most countries with huge desserts. But, the desserts are not completely barren however. You can find life in the harshest of desserts as well. Though you can expect much less biodiversity in such ecosystems. But the life in the desert is no less interesting than anywhere else in the world. You do not have to be a meteorologist or a zoologist to learn and about these countries with such extremely high average temperatures. I assure you, if you are looking for some infotainment, you can rely on us completely.

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