If you happen to be a student of economics or just an enthusiastic business person, you are definitely going to love today’s topic. Today we will talk about interest rates of banks around the world. As we all know the banks play a major role in the progression and development of a country’s overall economy, and in most countries the interest earned from loans and otherwise are the primary source of a bank’s income. The rate of interest can act both as a motivation and a deterrent for investors, depending on the country’s current economic policy. If the country decides to encourage investors in investing in a business, then the central bank will set the interest rate on loans lower and vice versa if the government wants to restrict investors from starting a new business for whatever reason. But in most countries the rate of interest is nothing that could make the news. However, there are a few exceptions and you will be absolutely baffled to know how much interest you must pay in order to get a loan in these countries. Therefore, we went ahead and prepared a list of 11 Countries with Highest Bank Interest Rates.

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