11 Countries with Highest Black Population outside Africa


Greed has long been a major motivator that only resulted in chaos and injustice in a grand scale. And alas, it still is a great motivator. But thankfully, people are now more prepared than ever, thanks to the tremendous sacrifices made by millions of innocent individuals. Perhaps among all the suffering faced by people, the suffering of one particular race is the most inhumane of all. Yes, I am talking about the people whose only mistake was having a black skin. And to this day, they are subjected to hate crimes in many parts of the world, just for being black. But thankfully, empathy and mutual respect has prevailed over dumb racism in most parts of the world. But the day, when everyone under the sun will stand united as humans without being judged is still a far away. That being said, let us get started on our topic of today. The population of Africa is predominantly black, but we will be talking about countries that have proportionately high population of black people. Countries that serve as beacons where humanity has prevailed above all.

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