When it comes to resources, many believe the human resource is the most valuable. The right human resources in the right place and at the right time can make huge differences for an organization and even for a country. Today we are dealing with a rather sensitive issue, which is known as “brain drain” a term used to describe the departure of skilled workforce from its native country to a foreign country in search for a better career opportunity and life. Most people will think of underdeveloped and developing countries of being plagued with such issues, but when you go through our list of countries with highest brain drain problems, you will be surprised to see some first world countries in the list. But it is true that, underdeveloped and developing countries are most adversely affected by the brain drain. Because they do not have the ability to attract migrants from other countries to fill the void left by their own skilled workers going abroad. The brain drain causes significant hindrance to a country’s development. Significant brain drain can set a country back for decades, if the issue is not addressed.

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