11 Countries with Highest Catholic Population


Theology is definitely not my strongest suit, but I can with considerable confidence say, that the teachings of every major religion in the world today promote peace and solidarity. However, there are many who deviate from these teachings and commit heinous acts in the name of religion, which are anything but religious. That being said, let us proceed with the topic at hand. If you are a follower of Christ, then you are already a part of the largest religion in the world today. From a more in depth perspective, the whole of Christianity can be divided into two major sects, The Catholics and The Protestants. And by far Catholism has the most number of followers. Today we will be taking a look at some countries of the world with the highest Catholic population. If you guess that the countries are from Europe and America, then you are absolutely right in your assumption, however, there is one country which made into the list from Asia as well. This article will definitely give you an idea about the growth of Christianity around the world. If you are a proud Christian, then you will definitely love the following article.

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