11 Countries with Highest Economic Mobility


Economics is a very interesting subject to study or read about. Economics can explain everything there is about money in a systematic and structured way. Economics can tell you about an individual to an entire country’s monetary condition, spending, income, investments everything. Even if your field of study or work does not concern economics, it is wise to be aware of a few core concepts of economics, as they most definitely will help you in your everyday life. Today we will be talking about one such concept, namely “economic mobility” the term itself is rather self-explanatory, just like a vehicle, the economy of a country has mobility, it can either go forward or backward. Today we will be talking about countries with the highest economic mobility. That being said, one thing to remember here is that, though a certain country may show a high degree of forward mobility, meaning the country’s economy is growing rapidly, does not necessarily mean that the county has a robust economy to begin with. On the contrary, the reason behind the high economic mobility may be that the country has much room for its economy to improve and thus this high degree of mobility is apparent. In fact the developed or first world countries have least economic mobility at the moment, but that does not mean these countries have poor economy.

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