11 Countries with Highest Foreign Born Population


As the political situation of the entire world becomes more stable, and as people become more and more understanding, tolerant and open minded, the scope of a better tomorrow for everyone in the world is broadening. As you will understand, as you go through the list that we are about to present you with today. Unfortunately, not all countries of the world today are equal in wealth, opportunities, and facilities for its citizens. And it is quite natural that people from around the world always want to secure a better future for themselves which they of course deserve. And that is why, we see millions of migrations happening each day. And this has been the case for as long as history goes. People have been migrating to a nation with better prospects for a long time, and if you find your country in today’s list, then you must understand that your country definitely one of the best in the world today. And people are really eager to be there, as it offers a much better opportunity to its citizens in general.

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