11 Countries with Highest Hindu Population


Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world. It is the most prominent religion in the South Asian region. Many scholars have said that Hinduism is the fusion of several cultures and beliefs of the South Asian countries. Another unique thing about Hinduism is the diverse beliefs within the various sects of the same religion. The concept of god in Hinduism is rather complex, it spans from monotheism even up to  henotheism. Henotheism means that one devotes oneself in worship of a certain deity, but, also accepts the existence of other gods at the same time. Hinduism is a fascinating subject to study, there are several holy texts which are considered divine by the practicing Hindus, such as the “Mahabharata” “Ramayana”, “Veda” these books though originally have been written in Sanskrit, but their translations are available in many languages. The country with the largest Hindu population is India, but if you think that Hinduism exist in India only, then you will be mistaken. There are several other countries which have a major Hindu native population. Though not as large as India, but these countries do possess a sizable Hindu population.

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