11 Countries with Highest Hindu Population


Religion is one of the core aspects that makes us human. No, I am not saying an atheist is any way a lesser human, in fact his/her religion is humanity. Religion is what guides us to find our path in life. It trains our conscience of what is right and what is wrong. From the dawn of humanity or perhaps science. By definition religion is “a religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence”. Religion has been an integral part of our life. It has acted as constitution for many civilizations for centuries. Even though many religions have mostly died out in the wake of other more prominent religions, but there is one which perhaps is one of the oldest religions but still is thriving today.

I am referring to Hinduism. It is generally regarded as the oldest religion, there is. Even though, geographically Hinduism is not prevalent, but it is one of the top religions of the world. Almost 15% of the world’s total population practice Hinduism. The bulk of Hindu population still lives around the Asia-Pasific region its birthplace.

There is a common misconception, that only India has a considerable Hindu population. However, the article I am going to link here lists 11 Countries with Highest Hindu Population. Please visit the link to know more on this topic.