11 Countries with Highest Male Population


Male has been always viewed as the superior sex, in all cultures throughout the world for a very long time. But in modern times, it seems that finally we are beginning to realize that that is not the case at all. Though there are significant differences among male and a female, but both sexes are equally important. And neither should reign supreme over the other. Even though we have achieved many things in terms of medical science and have managed to prolong the human lifespan. But, we are in total darkness when it comes to child birth. It is in no way possible to determine the sex of a child before it is conceived. And that coupled with unhealthy beliefs of some cultures, have resulted in unnatural circumstance for the world. In many underdeveloped parts of the world, infanticide is a real issue. People in these countries in question rather have their infant girl killed. Thus the male population is increasing there in relation to the female population. But thankfully things have changed for the better, there have been strict laws imposed against such heinous acts.

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