11 Countries with Highest Orphan Population


Childhood is perhaps the most wonderful time of a person’s life. But to make the most of childhood, a child needs his/her parents love and care. And it is every parent’s responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe childhood for their children. But what happens if the parents are not around, what happens to an orphan? I cannot thank God enough that my parents are still alive and well. But, I can imagine what might happen to orphans who are unfortunate enough to have lost both or either of their parents. Or worse, been abandoned by parents. Yes, the world is a very strange place, and parents do abandon their innocent children. Of course, in a developed country this is not a very prominent problem, but in underdeveloped countries, this is a common occurrence. Children are the future of the world, but in many countries of the world, children are the most neglected and ill-treated segments of the population, of course I am talking about the orphans. These children have done nothing wrong, but still they are treated like unwanted pests on a regular basis. It is a rather heartbreaking topic to write about.

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