11 Countries with Most Hackers and Cyber Criminals


Information technology, often abbreviated as “IT” by definition is application of electronic devices to store, retrieve, transmit and or manipulate data for the purposes human convenience. And this is the age of information technology. Almost everywhere in the world, the ability to connect to millions of people is just a click away. And we love the idea of it, it is apparent if we look up the statistics of social networking sites. If we consider just the social aspect of this technology, the possibilities are endless. But “IT” is not just about being able to connect to our loved ones, it is about the general convenience of human activity, for example, let us take banking, “IT” has enabled us to transfer money electronically over vast distance with same ease as we perform video conferences with our loved ones or business associates, thousands of miles apart.

As with all boons of science, there is always a dark side. The information technology by definition is a platform for storing, retrieving, transmitting and or manipulating data, which also means, someone with wrong intentions can perform these tasks as well. It is here, where hackers and cyber criminals comes into the picture. They are the same kind as a regular criminal, but armed with computers instead of guns. They can cause a tremendous amount of damage to their target. To put things into perspective, never compromise with the security of your online passwords. They can steal your money, and worse they can steal your identity.

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