11 Countries with the Best Reputation in the World


The title of the article is a bit odd, and you might think how on earth do you measure an entire country’s reputation? I mean it is always going to be the matter of perspective, to some any given country will have a positive reputation, to other that same country could be the worst in the world. That is exactly the thought that came to my mind when I saw the title of the article. Now that being said, there is actually a clever and effective way of measuring any given country’s reputation, as demonstrated by the good folks at “Reputation Institute”. To learn about the entire process, you will have to read the full article, as the premise of this short article does not allow me to go into details about all the technicalities of the ranking method, however, I can tell you that things that you would think should have an impact on a countries reputation, such as wealth, political influence, military power, are not even considered as a factor in the equation. And yet, you will have a hard time disagreeing with the list that we are about the present you with.

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