11 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speeds in the World


The age of information technology began with the advent of internet. A service we take for granted today, it is like the latest addition to basic human needs. It began its humble commercial journey with a mere 56 kilobit (Kbps) speed in the early 90s. The internet was nothing like it is today. In the earlier days of internet connectivity, telephone cables were used to send signals. But now the connectivity has evolved enough to utilize the speed of light to transfer data over vast distances via optical fiber cables. But there is always room for improvement, scientists are now working with 1terabit transfer rates for wired connections. The internet is the result of few American visionaries in the 1960s who understood how crucial it was to transfer information between computers. Primarily the internet was not intended for commercial use, it was only used to connect universities and government organizations for research purposes.

However, today internet access is not anymore a luxury or privilege its as common as taking a walk. As the demand for connectivity grows, so does the need for speed. After all, time is considered as money and faster transfer rates save time/money.

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