11 Countries with the Highest Hunger Rates


Today we will be talking about a rather alarming issue, not for everyone, but for millions of people living in the poverty stricken parts of the world. The world is a strange place indeed, where simultaneously obesity and hunger both are  major world problems today. Poverty is one thing, but hunger is a completely different story of its own. Perhaps one can never understand hunger unless he or she has experienced it firsthand. Just imagine that the light snack you had just to kill sometimes while your way back from work could be everything, a child is going to eat in a single day, somewhere in the world. The thought is very painful, but this is the harsh reality for millions of people. The good news is, many organizations and individuals are trying their best in order to help these people living in extreme poverty. Researchers have developed a tool for measuring rate of hunger and it is called GHI or global hunger index. It is a multidimensional statistical tool that is used to describe the state of hunger problem in a given country. Our list is based on this particular tool.

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