11 Countries with the Highest Youth Population


The youthful population of a country is its future. They are the leaders, dreamers and the architects of the future of their nation. But, youth is also the most problematic demographic of any given country. They are young adults and teens who are quite easy to persuade and often they are preyed upon by malicious groups as they are the most gullible. However, that is not the topic of the day. Today we merely take a look at countries that have the highest youth population. Of course, the rate of birth and mortality are something that is quite natural. But, through our advancements in medical science we have managed to influence the mortality rate by a big margin. If you look at the developed nations in the world today, you will find that the population distribution in these countries indicates a much larger older population in comparison with underdeveloped or developing countries. Again, keep an eye out for our newest articles if you wish to learn more countries with older population than youth. You expect countries that made our list today, to be either underdeveloped or developing in nature. These countries hold huge potential, if the youth is taken care of properly.

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