11 Countries with the Hottest Food in the World


People say, if you want to know about a culture, learn about the food they eat, and you will know just enough. And I am sure most will agree to that statement. Since scientifically it has been proven that how much of an impact geography has on a nation’s diet choices. Today we will be talking about hot or spicy food. I mean, the spiciest food there is on the planet. Unless the species are grown natively in a country, they do not show up on the traditional recipes. But now a days, you can get any spice you want from your local grocer, but you can imagine, things were not that simple back in the day. And thanks to that we have such a huge diversity in eating habits around the world. Any foodie would appreciate that to a greater extent. I myself am a foodie, but unfortunately my stomach does not agree with high spice content food items, but that will not stop me from learning about the awesome food people eat around the world. If you are into anthropology, then strap in for an infotainment joyride. Because, you can learn so much about cultures just by studying the food habits.

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