11 Countries with Universal Healthcare and Free College


As the citizens of a modern country, we all have our basic rights secured. But, defining what “basic rights” actually encompass is something open for argument. Many civil rights activists believe that as a law abiding and tax paying citizen, is entitled to much more than what he/she currently receives from the government. But, we definitely cannot have it all our way. This is how life works. If we look at the United States, the country essentially embodies the very concept of democracy and freedom of speech. However, many will argue that the US has a long way to still. For example, perhaps the most heated topic regarding this situation being, free healthcare and education. Though there are many compelling reasons for US to not to conform to such policies, but also there are many democratic countries out there that offer these facilities to their citizens for free. Today, we will be talking about some of these countries, and if you are interested in learning how these countries are managing such financially stressful policies, I could not recommend enough the full article on this topic. This will most definitely give you a new perspective to look at these issues.

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