11 Craziest Records Registered in The Guinness Book


Countless people around the world are fascinated by the astonishing achievements of individuals or groups that set out to break or make a world record. And what better place is there than the Guinness Book of World Records, to look up some of the most crazy records ever made? If you are feeling down for some reason, then taking a look at some of these amazing feats done by others can supply with you a healthy dose of inspiration that you can always use. Who knows, maybe some of the world records that we are going to discuss here might inspire you enough to attempt to make a world record of your own, or even challenge one of these. But you must know that there is no monetary gain in setting a world record for something, at least outright. You only get your name recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, and that is it. However, the entire world gets to know your name as well. And your name shall live on, as long as no one else manages to break the record that you have made.

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