11 Easiest Dice Games for Kids, Families, and Seniors


Today we are going to talk about probably the earliest form of RNG (random number generator) known to humans. The RNG mechanic is very important in the gaming industry, not just board games, but in modern video games as well. Now that being said, even though the indoor games industry is just absolutely dominated by video games today, but the traditional way of indoor games, namely the board games have not quite yet gone extinct. Yes, they have become quite a lot complex, but they still do have a fan following and each year new board games are being released. Now if you are a person who grew up with board games instead of computer games, then you might want to share your wonderful experience of playing such games with your family, especially the newer generation. And our article is going to help you precisely with that. Our researchers have come up with a list that utilizes this tiny but ancient random number generator or otherwise known as the dice to great effect. And these games are quite easy to pick up and play for any age group.

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